God’s Word

Connecting people to God’s Word and each other makes a world of difference at Lord of Life!
We want you to connect more closely to God as He speaks to you through His Word. Adult Education on Sunday mornings, from 9:15-10:15am, helps you better understand God’s will and plan for your life, and His gift of salvation through His son, Jesus Christ.
We highly value community at Lord of Life and also want you to connect with others so we have structured these classes to help you make new friends in a casual learning environment.

What Does God Say About…?

Christians and those who govern? We’ll be looking at this dynamic and looking to grow as God’s people who are under authority.

Following Jesus:

Being and Making Disciples

The first command Jesus gave as he called his disciples was simply “Follow me.” What does it mean to become Jesus’ disciple? We’ll study the stories of Jesus’ disciples in the Gospels over five weeks together, learning from their examples what it means to follow him.