• Charlie Willeford, prayers for recovery and healing from surgery
  • Jhennifer Fuller, prayers for job, stress, selling current home, and finding a new home
  • Praise for the birth of Luke Asher Mahoney to Sean and Lisa Mahoney
  • Eckerman, prayers for comfort and peace as the family mourns the loss of Doris
  • JoAnn Reagan, prayers for speedy recovery from shoulder surgery (Duske)


  • Prayers for friend’s sister and those in Vietnam as they face a COVID lockdown, with limited, overpriced food and no vaccines (Phelan)
  • Prayers for the nation of Haiti as the country faces instability after the assassination of the president
  • William, prayers for surgery for Jhennifer’s dad (Fuller)
  • William family, prayers for comfort and peace as they mourn the loss of John
  • Prayer of thanks that my grandson was accepted to college (Orlando)
  • Lorraine, prayers for salvation, healing, and financial security (Chavez)
  • Seve and Jackie, prayers for salvation, health, and long life (Chavez)
Last Updated on 07-21-2021