• Maddy Przybylinski, prayers for healing and peace of mind to get through boredom and frustration of being bedridden
  • Jhennifer Fuller, prayers for work relationship with my manager
  • Praise for the birth of Quinn LeGrande and Whit Harrison to Mike and Laine Guerry
  • Debbie Fowler, healing for neck surgery
  • Bergan Family, prayers for comfort and peace as they mourn the loss of Charlene’s brother
  • Jhennifer Fuller, healing of the right ankle
  • Haer family, prayers for comfort and peace as they mourn the loss of Johnny’s father
  • Praise for the birth of Lyda Mae to Blake and Kelsey Hasselbring
  • Praise for the birth of Lena Faith to Andrew and Jordan Gunzelman
  • Ron Fuller, uncle who was admitted to the hospital on Monday (Fuller)
  • Clint Rolf, prayers for my nephew who is on a ventilator. His condition is getting worse and his lungs are becoming white with scar tissue and fluid buildup (Dorothy Bennett)
  • Jhennifer Fuller, praise that my dad’s biopsy showed no cancer
  • Zach Burnham, wisdom for future employment and that God would give direction in what I should do
  • Farhad Zarit who is trying to adopt a child who is a refugee from Afghanistan (Fuller)
  • Expectant mothers, especially for those with risks
  • Lauren for personal situations she is facing
  • Thanks for Elizabeth Crosson’s new job (Fuller)
  • Gale Howard, prayers for his health and healing (Deibel)
  • Healing and strength for Gwen who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (Welgarz)
  • Healing for Susan who has uterine cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy (McAnulla)
Last Updated on 10-21-2021