Board of Directors

The members at Lord of Life elect officers and boards to ensure all aspects of ministry are accomplished and to maintain the vision, mission, values and objectives of the congregation.

The Church Council is responsible for the governance.
  • Michael Guerry – President
  • Angie Williams – Vice-President
  • Lynn McRoberts – Secretary
  • Kyle Smith – Treasurer
  • Zach Burnham – At Large
  • Matt Clark – At Large
The Board of Elders assist the senior pastor in the oversight of doctrine, life, and spiritual well being of the congregation and preschool.
  • Kyle Garrett
  • Tom Stratman
  • Jim Curran
  • Jake Pflug
  • Steve Johnson
The Board of Spiritual Life and Missions assists in discipleship of the congregation and governs administrative matters for missions.
  • Andrew Gunzelman
  • Connie Miller
  • Jana Thomas
  • Madison Hinmon
  • Jeff Rosenberg
  • Lori Saving
The Board of Early Education governs administrative matters for the preschool and is responsible for the programming of the congregation through 8th grade.
  • Kelly Bailey
  • Jenni Prochnow
  • Anne Scott